Yes, AccuBar has inventory templates

AndroidTemplates-1There is a recent trend in bar inventory toward systems that use templates to take your inventory. The thinking is, if the items in your back bar, or storeroom, or wine area are always in the same order, you can inventory an item and move to the next one quickly, speeding up the whole process.

We think that’s a great idea. In fact, we have thought so since we programmed it into the AccuBar system roughly a decade ago.

That’s right: This is not a new approach to beverage inventory. If you’re hearing otherwise out there, now you know better.

We have always thought templates can be useful in some circumstances, such as those mentioned above. But we also feel that they can be a hassle in a lot of situations. Consider:

  • It’s shocking to imagine this, but your bar staff might not keep items in the same place consistently, meaning a template will have you hunting around for items, cause you to lose your place and forget to count something. Then the time you saved will be spent figuring out why the numbers are wrong.
  • If your supplier brought you 1 liter bottles instead of 750s, you could easily miss that when you’re just looking at an image on a template.
  • If you changed up your brand of well vodka, for instance, your template won’t know that until you update it. So, unless your item list is pretty static, the template becomes something else you have to maintain.
  • How do you count receiving, empties, transfers, banquets or other specialized situations with a template?AndroidTemplates-3

In many of the bullet points above, the best, most accurate approach is to scan the barcode on the item. Then it doesn’t matter if the item is out of place, or is a different brand, or a different size. The barcode will know what it is and record your inventory correctly.

That’s why AccuBar has been a leader in the industry for 15 years. We don’t force you into one way of doing things; we let you use the system’s rich feature set to approach inventory management in a way that makes sense for your operation.