The Union League of Philadelphia, recently voted the top city club in America, was opened in 1862 to support the policies of Abraham Lincoln.
Running a historic city club with AccuBar

An institution such as the Union League of Philadelphia, established during the Civil War, might be forgiven if it weren’t open to new technologies. But this huge club, twice voted the top city club in America, strives to be the best, and AccuBar is part of that.

The club’s staff manages three dining areas that include a 4,000 bottle wine cellar, a cafe with nine draft beer lines and 200+ scotches and bourbons, and a cigar room that is very popular with members and does an impressive amount of beverage business. Add to that a banquet operation with 20,000 square feet of meeting space, and you have a major challenge on your hands.

As Beverage Manager Rachel Kovenetsky put it, “On New Years Day, the League hosts nearly 2,000 members and guests — and all of them drink!”

According to Rachel, the team uses AccuBar to do receiving, monthly inventories, transfers, and is now using the Recipe Module to eventually maintain a perpetual inventory. “Our ability to interface with our POS system has recently allowed us to better analyze our cost and profit margins, as well as create a perpetual inventory,” Rachel said. “With an accurate perpetual inventory, we will be able to use AccuBar to generate supplier orders, as well as spot check par levels in different areas of the League on a regular basis.

“In a building that’s over 150 years old, one can imagine the unique (and limited) space with which we have to work,” Rachel explained. “Maintaining par levels is essential in keeping our storage spaces clean, safe, and organized, as well as keeping our restaurants stocked – which in turn keeps our members happy!”

They then use the AccuBar suite of reports to look for problem areas. As A la Carte Director Katie Sacchetta said, “We just started to use the Price Analysis report, and it is a great way to check to see if prices increase and we need to adjust. Now that our POS and AccuBar ‘talk,’ it is also helpful to compare standard cost to selling price.”

We just started to use the Price Analysis report, and it is a great way to check to see if prices increase and we need to adjust. – A la Carte Director Katie Sacchetta

The club has also been using iWineLists for 2 1/2 years, and “it is very well-received,” Katie said. “We still keep a paper copy for those members who prefer, but 99% of members are using the iWineList. We also publish the wine list on our website and are going to add the QR code to our monthly magazine, the Banner. We want the wine list to be accessible to our members.”

Rachel added that the club is beginning to use AccuBar beyond consumable items. “Because AccuBar has the ability to generate bar codes, I thought it might benefit our Executive Steward in her efforts to more quickly and more accurately conduct quarterly inventory of china, glassware, silver, and other equipment. This helps better track breakage, maintain par levels, and generate supplier orders based on each quarter’s variance in inventory.”

Asked about their experience with our support team, Katie said: “This is one of the best parts of Accubar!” She mentioned that the team helped them launch the wine list, making it easy to implement and understand so they could easily train their staff and members. “This summer, we brought our a la carte and banquet managers together and did a four hour training session on best practices. It helped us see eye to eye heading in to our busy fall season.”

Rachel Kovenetsky, left, and Katie Sacchetta