Tips for providing great customer service at your bar

There are many aspects to being a good bartender.  Not only are you responsible for keeping a clean bar, taking inventory and maintaining drink lists, but probably the most important part of your job is the service you provide to your patrons.

Here are three simple tips for providing great customer service:

1. Smile and greet your customers

There are many elements to providing good service and one, as simple as it sounds, is to smile and have a good attitude.  Greeting your customers, and saying thank you or goodbye will go a long way. If you’re having a bad day, don’t let them see it.

2. Anticipate and be aware

Keeping an eye on stock and inventory is important so you don’t run out of ice, lemons, spirits, etc. Also, just as important is keeping an eye on your customers’ drinks. If they are down to their last few sips, ask if they would like another drink before they are forced to flag you down.

3. Call them by name

If you have regular customers, it will go a long way (and your tips will increase) if you greet them by name and you ask if they would like their regular drink.  It makes them feel special and you will build a stronger connection with those customers. Basically, make your regulars feel like rock stars.

4. Keep your bar clean

Letting your bar slide into unclean/untidy territory tells customers that you’re not a pro. Make sure you’re using clean bar towels to wipe down the bar; keep the back bar tidy; clear used glasses, dishes and garbage quickly; and replace cocktail napkins regularly. If you ever have a minute of free time, find something to clean up. You’ll make a big impression on your customers, and on your boss.