“The ease and simplicity of it is amazing,” piano bar owner says

CENTENNIAL, Colo.–Compelled to switch to AccuBar’s liquor inventory system from a competing system, the Redhead Piano Bar soon learned that all solutions are not created equal.

The Redhead Piano Bar, based in Chicago, realized immediate benefits from the switchover, including time savings, fewer errors, responsive customer support and improved accuracy. “Inventory always took us between 7 and 9 hours to do, and we always had to have barcodes printed for the barcode-less items and either post them or carry them around with us,” said Keely Vande Hoef, manager of the club. “Now with AccuBar I can change anything I want to…. Barcode-less items I can just type in on the website once and we don’t have to carry around barcode sheets anymore, we can just look up our items on the handheld unit. It is so much easier it’s almost silly (but much safer since some of our products are on high shelves). Inventory now takes us almost half the time it used to.”

Vande Hoef also liked the fact that it didn’t take long to implement AccuBar and start seeing the benefits. “I know we have only had your product for a couple of months, but the ease and simplicity of it is amazing,” she said.

AccuBar is an industry leader in providing systems to control F&B costs through physical inventory. Using a Palm Pilot with a barcode scanner and sophisticated database software, AccuBar streamlines the tedious inventory process and offers timely data on costs, consumption, losses and other important benchmarks.

AccuBar gives its users the ability to quickly understand their food and liquor costs and keep them under control. By deterring theft, reducing waste and increasing efficiency, AccuBar helps any food and beverage operation realize a significant reduction in costs.

Located on bustling Ontario Street, the Redhead is the perfect nightspot for fantastic upbeat music, lively conversation and meeting people. The upscale piano bar attracts clientele from the suburbs to Lincoln Park, the Gold Coast to Wrigleyville, as well as conventioneers and visitors to Chicago. Surround yourself in an exciting yet comfortable setting and take a walk down memory lane. The walls, lined with sheet music and famous movie stars of yesteryear, give you the feeling The Redhead has been here for fifty years.

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