“I spent countless hours developing my own inventory system utilizing multiple linked spreadsheets and complicated formulas. At the end of each inventory period, I would print out all the various inventory logs for my managers to utilize in performing the inventory. Three or four managers would then go through the entire restaurant calling out liquors, beers and weighing kegs while one manager was writing all the numbers down on the inventory logs. All the partial bottles would then have to be added up and entered into the computer. Once these logs were completed, I would spend on average 6 to 7 hours compiling the data to come up with my inventory numbers. The end product looked real nice, but the human error element was tremendous. I had been aware of the AccuBar inventory system for quite some time, but always had been putting off making that initial call. Once I did make the call, I never looked back! Not only was the price considerably less than what I had anticipated, the level of service from the first call, to final implementation and technical troubleshooting (Yanni is great) has been excellent! The hardest part of the whole process was convincing the staff that this was going to be significantly easier for them and would ultimately save thousands of dollars in labor and increase accountability. Two days after I placed the order, the scanner arrived and within one week we had all the managers trained, our Aloha POS interfaced with AccuBar for both sales and virtual consumption and we were gathering live data daily with extreme ease. The inventory process is now streamlined to where I don’t have to get anything ready for inventory, one manager does all the inventory by himself in about one quarter of the time and once the inventory is uploaded, I have my final numbers within 5 minutes. Receiving inventories allows me to check prices and numbers on a daily basis and perpetual inventory allows us to spot check what should be on the shelves at any given time and greatly facilitate our ordering process. Several months after starting AccuBar in our first store, we purchased a second system for our second store. The great advantage here is that all the managers at the first store were so enthusiastic that selling the concept to the other managers was never an issue. The bar manager at the first store said “the system is so easy to use and versatile that it will even scratch your back if you want it to.” Secondly since I can’t be physically present at the second store as much as I would like to be, having the ability to upload the inventory numbers on a daily basis gives me much greater access and control. There are very few products that I have utilized in this industry that have saved me as many headaches, money and frustrations as AccuBar has. All future stores which I will open are going to have AccuBar as their only bar inventory system. Great product, great service, great price . . . a definite must have in the bar and restaurant industry.”

Dr. Jan Scholer, owner
Wild Wing Cafe, Augusta and Athens, Georgia

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Wild Wings Cafe