I have been in the food and beverage industry for the last 19 years. I have worked with various companies from restaurants, lounges, nightclubs and sports bars. Starting as a dishwasher to busboy, server to barback, bartender to manager and now general manager of a high volume sports bar. I have seen, worked with and developed the different practices of doing inventory (which I today believe is the most important and integral part of a successful company).

As I (and most food and beverage managers) spend the majority of time dealing with inventory, you are always looking to increase efficiency. Spending a large amount of time with inventory, led the owner and I to not be able to focus on other important facets of our business. We decided to research for a more accurate, smarter and technological way of doing our inventory. After many Google searches and industry recommendations we landed upon AccuBar.

I was originally stressed about having to implement an entire new system into our company but knew we needed to keep up with today’s competition. After being presented with the AccuBar product by their staff, it was such smooth sailing- seriously! Their customer service puts you at ease and helps you at every step.

Using AccuBar has increased my understanding of how important inventory is to business. Most importantly, it gives me peace-of-mind knowing my inventory is precisely accounted for. One of my favorite things about using AccuBar for over a year now is having everything recorded and tracked online; therefore, anytime I need to go back and reference a price or a number – it’s right in front of me and easily readable.

I would like to say thank you to the AccuBar engineers, sales staff and tech support for all your help and understanding to inventory as a whole. Being able to track my inventory and improve my pour cost, decrease my variances, order from my vendors with a single click and actually map my products through our POS has helped my restaurant in so many ways – especially time and profitability! The best part (besides the fun and time-saver of scanning barcodes) is keeping the owner happy by actually showing him the improvements through AccuBar’s tools and spreadsheets.

Michael Hobson, general manager
Rookies Sports Lodge, California

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Rookies Sports Lodge