“I just wanted to drop you guys a note, and tell you what a great job your support team has done for us in our inventory management needs. We originally purchased your product some years ago, and had a slightly rough start (due to my time constraints more than anything else), but have since been more active in the use of your product. As our activity increased, so did our support needs, and your staff has been right on it each and every time.

In today’s bust times, that means a lot to me, as I’m normally stretched pretty thin. We’re not a huge bar, but our configuration (7 bar stations in 3 rooms on 2 levels) requires housing quite a bit of inventory. As a result, inventories are not our favorite activity. It used to take me roughly 12 hours to inventory the whole club. That included guestimating how full the bottles were, writing it all down on paper (keeping track of the paper and keeping it all dry from beginning to end.) Then came the math. It was a nightmare.

With AccuBar, I can inventory all 7 stations and the back stock areas in under 3 hours. Once I’ve done it, I hotsync my handheld and normally have the reports by the time I open my email. Calculating pour cost (which I never even did before AccuBar — don’t tell the boss) is now simply a matter of cutting and pasting or just pointing from one spreadsheet to another.

In addition, I don’t even think twice about inventorying a bar station before and after a particular shift if there is doubt about the bartender’s honesty. In conjunction with my POS software, I can see exactly how accurately my staff is pouring and ringing their sales with next to no effort. Before I would have doubts about my estimates, or I just wouldn’t have the time to take the inventory and do the math. I’d basically have to catch somebody in the act in order to correct the problem.

I can’t speak highly enough about how much time your product and service has saved me in my day-to-day duties. I plan to forge ahead, as time permits, and implement some of the other features that I don’t even use yet – Like re-order tasks. The only thing I regret is not having purchased your product sooner and not having used it to its full potential — yet. I look forward to working with you, your company and your products well into the future. Thanks again for your help in making my job easier, and helping me to make ours a more profitable business.”

Dave Wilson, general manager
Boom Nightclub, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Boom Night Club