“We have just opened another Blue Fish location in Houston, Texas. Once I placed an opening liquor order and the order arrived I felt that there is something that I forgot to order!! The AccuBar system! How could I forget. I immediately picked up the phone and placed an order. For almost 6 years we have used this system and utilized it to its fullest. It is the only system on the market now, which integrates with the back of the house and Aloha restaurant software. Something I must have! The system works well without any major problems or issues. Every time I have called with a question or a problem, it has been handled to my fullest expectations. After using AccuBar i am not sure how you are able to run a full size bar with over 200 items without full inventory. Just be careful, once you try it and use it for few weeks you cannot go back! 6 locations and that is the only way I can manage all of them. Also you can use it to inventory anything with the bar code. Thanks AccuBar.”

Vyacheslav Fish, owner
Blue Fish restaurants, Texas

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Blue Fish Restaurants