“AccuBar is an inventory software program that no beverage director or wine sommelier should be without. Our restaurants count inventory every 2 weeks and it used to take each of our 14 beverage managers upwards of 8 hours to count and enter inventory. It was also very inaccurate because after counting they would be so tired that there were many clerical errors in entering these counts. AccuBar not only makes counting easier but it eliminates any totaling or transferring of numbers to spreadsheets. As far as the wine cellar is concerned, AccuBar enables a sommelier to create barcodes and print them, which also keeps the room organized. I would highly recommend it to everyone but especially to multi-unit operators. We have saved money throughout our restaurant organization in time, labor and more accurate inventories.”

Laura Maniec, Corporate Sommelier
(formerly) B.R. Guest Restaurants and James Hotels, New York

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B.R. Guest Restaurants And James Hotels