“I knew I was having problems with inventory at my bar, but I didn’t know it was this bad. I am a small sports bar with one cash register (no POS system) and was taking a monthly inventory. I often would look at my Inventory and have no idea what I was looking at, and what to do with what I was looking at. I started using AccuBar on September 16th and my pour cost was at 34%, I knew this was way too high. The next week my pour cost went down to 24% and it has not gone above 25.8% since. I attribute this dramatic reduction in pour cost to the following:

1. Using the reports to adjust my pricing, (some went up some went down).

2. Taking a weekly inventory and making adjustments before a month or more of mistakes have happened.

3. My employees are aware of the weekly inventory and are not as likely to overpour or give away drinks.

4. Smarter purchasing decisions using the suggested order report.

5. Taking a weekly inventory (It now takes about 45 min. instead of 2-3 hours to do inventory)

I am extremely satisfied with AccuBar and would recommend this to any bar with or without a POS system.”

Robert Shiner, owner
All Stars Sports Bar, California

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All Stars Woodland Sports Bar