Send us a new customer and we’ll send you $250

AccuBar has always had great word-of-mouth from our customers, and now we’d like to say “thanks.” Every time an existing client refers a new customer to us, we’ll send a $250 Visa gift card to show our gift card


  • The new customer must provide the name and email address of the person who made the referral, so we can verify the referral and arrange payment. (We won’t use the address or any personal info for any other purpose.)
  • After the new customer has purchased a full AccuBar system and used it for 30 days, we will verify the referral and send the gift card to the referrer’s mailing address of choice.
  • Sorry, but chain customers are eligible only when referring us to a different company; new stores in the same chain are not eligible.

If you have questions, please contact your AccuBar sales representative, call our sales line at (800) 806-3922 or email And when you do refer someone, be sure they send us your name and email so we can give you credit.