Prestigious yacht club cuts labor, sees other benefits with AccuBar

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–As a playground of the rich and famous, the last thing Balboa Bay Club and Resort needs is to get bogged down in food and beverage inventory. After turning to AccuBar, that’s no longer a problem.

Since purchasing AccuBar in January, the landmark resort’s management has begun to reap the benefits. According to Controller Tony Halfpenny, those include:

  • Halving the labor cost of taking the month-end inventory.
  • Virtually eliminating errors on unit totals and costs.
  • Inventory summaries available to management two days earlier than with previous methods.
  • Printouts arriving in a much more professional format.

Halfpenny added that, despite initial concern about whether “promised labor savings, timeliness and accuracy would be immediately achievable, we … were able to see significant improvements at once in these areas.”

AccuBar is an industry leader in providing systems to control food and beverage costs through physical inventory. Using a Palm Pilot with a barcode scanner and sophisticated database software, AccuBar streamlines the tedious inventory process and offers timely data on costs, consumption, losses and other important benchmarks.

AccuBar offers another important benefit to the hospitality industry in its unique ability to track banquet activity. Specifically, AccuBar will produce a report shortly after the event’s completion that details consumption and suggested billing amounts for each food and beverage item sold during the banquet, which is an invaluable tool for operations struggling to keep a handle on banquets.

With a famed 55-year history, The Balboa Bay Club, a Southern California landmark for business and social gatherings, opened as a private club in 1948. Today The Club remains a favorite among luminaries and royalty. Dotting The Club�s celebrity roster, both past and present, are politicians, presidents, business leaders and Hollywood�s �A� list from John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart and Robert Wagner to Lauren Bacall, Natalie Wood and Zsa Zsa Gabor.


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