Join the wine list revolution

iWineLists is an elegant, interactive digital wine list with significant advantages over other products on the market:

  • It runs on any tablet or smartphone, can be hosted on your website as well, and will also produce your printed list in your format with no extra data input;
  • It allows users to search for items by virtually every conceivable¬†criteria, including price, pairing notes, ratings and flavor characteristics, along with all of the typical details of a wine;
  • It can connect with AccuBar to show only what you have in stock, or it can be a standalone system;
  • You can customize¬†the look and feel, display featured or sale items, and choose the options for how people use it.

Your wine list will be available on any device you want: iPads, Android tablets, or other devices. Customers can even use a personal device by scanning a QR code we can help you create.


Display featured items on the front page, or any items you want to highlight. The featured items appear as a slideshow, promoting the items for your customers.


Each item in your list will display the details of your choosing: varietal, vintage, ratings, tasting notes, pairing notes and other info. The item screen also allows your customers to email the item info to themselves or their friends, in an email that has your restaurant info at the bottom.


Wine isn’t your top priority? We can focus your list on beer or spirits if you prefer, with a design that is appropriate. Many of our customers will list their full beverage menu, including specialty cocktails and after-dinner drinks.


For those who would rather see the full wine list, iWineLists offers that option as well.


You’re not stuck with one design if you choose iWineLists. We offer a wide range of customizations, or we can work with your designer to come up with the perfect look.

Comments from iWineLists users

“iWineLists has been an invaluable addition to our wine programs at Hy’s Steakhouse. Putting the dedication and time into developing it was the trick. The features that are available to our guests have shown an increase in wine sales as well as an increase in our obscure wines sold, as our guests have the opportunity to read tasting notes once seated to entice their palates. As well, it has assisted the staff on continuing to broaden their knowledge as a selling tool. Truly a great addition to have!”

~ Christopher McFadden, Hy’s Steakhouse group, Canada

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