Introducing iBeerLists and iSpiritLists — Digital menus to fit your operation

AccuBar has been offering digital wine lists for a few years now at, and the success of that software has led us to expand into other areas. We’ve often been asked whether an operation with a large beer list or large spirits list would be able to make use of iWineLists. Although the answer has always been Yes, we have released some new enhancements specific to those types of users.

First, your list will be hosted at or, whichever is appropriate. Also, we’ve updated the software to include the terminology that fits; no more asking about vintage if it’s a beer list, for instance.

Otherwise, it’s the same great list we’ve been offering to wine operators: Interactive, customizable, usable, and pretty sexy, even. Check out the demos here for iBeerLists and iSpiritLists.

And here’s a nice list we did for the Culinary Instutite of America that incorporates its wine list, cocktails and liquors all in one.

If you’d like to explore putting digital menus in your operation, give us a call at (800) 806-3922 or email