“Great product, great service, great price,” owner says

ENGLEWOOD, CO — For hospitality operators struggling to put in tight, effective management of their operations, technology can be key. But for those already taking the many steps to control their operations, the benefits may even be greater.

Take, for instance, Wild Wing Cafe in Augusta, Ga., which put in AccuBar to modernize a labor-intensive inventory control process.

Wild Wing’s owner, Dr. Jan Scholer, had gone to great lengths to control the bar inventory in his thriving restaurant/bar operation. “I spent countless hours developing my own inventory system utilizing multiple linked spreadsheets and complicated formulas,” he said. “At the end of each inventory period, I would print out all the various inventory logs for my managers to utilize in performing the inventory. Three or four managers would then go through the entire restaurant calling out liquors, beers and weighing kegs while one manager was writing all the numbers down on the inventory logs. All the partial bottles would then have to be added up and entered into the computer. Once these logs were completed, I would spend on average 6 to 7 hours compiling the data to come up with my inventory numbers.”

AccuBar’s barcode-scanning PDAs and database software made a big difference in labor, accuracy and timeliness. “The inventory process is now streamlined to where I don’t have to get anything ready for inventory, one manager does all the inventory by himself in about one quarter of the time and once the inventory is uploaded, I have my final numbers within 5 minutes,” Scholer said. “Receiving inventories allows me to check prices and numbers on a daily basis and perpetual inventory allows us to spot check what should be on the shelves at any given time and greatly facilitate our ordering process.”

AccuBar trims hours of labor from many parts of the bar management process by allowing users to scan the barcode on a bottle, box or other item and quickly record the amount of a full or partial item. The handheld connects to sophisticated web-based back-end software that turns your inventory, receiving, empties, transfers and other accounting steps into Excel-based reports accessible online within minutes. Users can then easily find variances, calculate beverage cost and consumption, determine consumption and billing for banquets and events, and other capabilities.

AccuBar also strives to be more powerful to the consumer by interfacing with other back-office and POS systems. The system’s ability to interface with Aloha allows Wild Wing Cafe’s managers to gather live data “with extreme ease,” Scholer said.

And the restaurant fully implemented the system and trained the staff within a week. As one of his managers told Scholer, “the system is so easy to use and versatile that it will even scratch your back if you want it to.”

Scholer has recently implemented AccuBar in his second store in Athens, Ga. “The great advantage here is that all the managers at the first store were so enthusiastic that selling the concept to the other managers was never an issue,” he said.

“There are very few products that I have utilized in this industry that have saved me as many headaches, money and frustrations as AccuBar has. All future stores which I will open are going to have AccuBar as their only bar inventory system.”


Contact: Dave Grimm
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