Every bar should establish good drink recipes

Ever had this happen? You order a cocktail at a bar, love it, then order another one from a different bartender and have it come out completely different. It’s a way too common occurrence, and a sure sign of the bar’s lack of professionalism.

One key to getting repeat customers is to pour a good, consistent drink. If your drinks aren’t made with the proper proportions, the drink won’t taste right and will often be returned by the customer. This obviously results in a wasted drink as well as a potentially unhappy customer.

So it’s essential to compile a book of the 120 most common recipes, and make sure they’re what you expect. Don’t be afraid to test your main drinks (on your off time, of course :-P), or get someone who’s taste buds you trust to make sure the drinks are dynamite. When your information is complete, print a recipe book for each of your bartenders and insist that they all know it and follow it.

If you need a good set of standard drink recipes to get started, click here.
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