Digital wine lists: You might still need a few dead trees


The iWineList at Nao, a student-run restaurant on the Culinary Institute of America campus in San Antonio. Roughly 10 percent of customers choose their printed wine list instead.

The wine list revolution is here, but will it be de-paperized?

We see a lot of excitement among wine operators about tablet wine lists. And we share that excitement. Give us a slick, interactive iPad list any day over a printed notebook crammed with pages of single-spaced wines that we will struggle to read in your dimly lit restaurant.

But we readily admit that we don’t represent everyone who will wander into your place craving some grape. We have a nice base of clients using iWineLists to present their wine lists — and few if any of them have stopped offering printed lists. Sometimes diners insist on a paper list, and they have their reasons: general tech aversion, old habits that die hard, digital lists that don’t work well, or who knows what else.

At AccuBar, we make it easy for operators to give their diners a choice. Our inventory management software keeps track of what you have in stock, then you can publish your tablet AND printed lists with one click of the mouse. No double-entry like you have to do with other tablet systems, or triple entry if you’re also maintaining a printed list. No constantly printing change pages from a Word doc, since AccuBar keeps that updated for you.

So tell us how your operation does it. If you have tablet lists, do you also print lists? We’re always curious what diners are saying about such issues.