Culinary Institute partners with AccuBar on IWineLists

CENTENNIAL, CO — AccuBar, a leader in beverage management systems, and the Culinary Institute of America are pleased to partner to bring AccuBar’s iWineLists technology to more of the renowned cooking school’s restaurants.

American Bounty, a unique farm-to-table restaurant on the CIA campus in Hyde Park, NY, is the latest to display its first-class list of primarily American wines on iPad tablets running the iWineLists technology. With iWineLists, American Bounty diners will be able to use the electronic wine list to easily sort by wine type, varietal, price and many other criteria. The wine list will also guide diners in pairing dishes with wines and will provide tasting notes and other info about the wines.

The CIA and AccuBar previously partnered to put iWineLists into The Bocuse Restaurant at the institute and plan to expand the program to other campuses. Noelle Guagliardo, manager of beverage operations for the institute, said iWineLists was well-received and helped increase wine sales at The Bocuse.

“We have definitely seen an increase in wine sales over the same period years prior,” she said, adding that a recent refurbishment of the restaurant may also have contributed to the increase. “Customers seem to like the list and are comfortable with it. Since the lists need to be used at our other tables, we do not leave them there after they select a wine. It seems to make a customer more efficient at selecting a wine.”

The iWineLists system can be accessed through a restaurant’s website or a patron’s phone or tablet. Most restaurants provide iPads or other tablets to help patrons choose their wine; Bocuse has the list running on eight iPads.

Guagliardo said the technology has been well accepted by staff and patrons alike. “Most of the faculty maitre d’s were receptive,” she said. “Our staff are actually students – a new group every three weeks. Since they are generally a younger generation, they are comfortable with it just like they are with other tech items. “We do offer a printed list for those that may not be comfortable with the iPad, but this happens rarely.”

Clients have the option to connect the iWineLists to AccuBar’s beverage inventory management system, or to use iWineLists as a standalone system, as is the case at the institute.


Contact: Dave Grimm
(720) 881-5477