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Case Study | Accubar | Bar Inventory Software

A luxury destination finds AccuBar to be “very efficient” and keeps costs under control while running a high-end F&B operation with a large wine list.

Twice voted the top city club in America, this historic site has a lot going on in the F&B department. AccuBar helps them keep it all straight, and iWineLists keeps their demanding members happy.

With two thriving bar and grill operations, Dallas Boelman has used AccuBar to lower his pouring costs by 20% and deliver a huge labor savings.

The renowned culinary school learns that iWineLists can greatly benefit students, diners and their restaurant business.

Rob Day keeps tight control of several high-volume restaurants in part through AccuBar’s reporting insights.

F&B Director Jason Bronis uses AccuBar thoroughly at Amara Cay Resort, tracking everything from two restaurants to several storage locations, and even the botique hotel’s mini-bars.

This thriving, growing group of upscale bars and restaurants says AccuBar played a role in that success.

AccuBar has “… singlehandedly improved the industry in the area of cost control and inventory record keeping over any other invention I have worked with,” this country club GM says. The club saw a huge labor savings and lower costs after implementing the system.

This California tribal casino recently added a brewery to its F&B operation, and that necessitated a new level of management and tracking. “We have been able to tune our POS to AccuBar, so we reduced our pour cost tremendously,” said Bar Manager Jamie Edeyaoch.

Bar Inventory Software Union League Cafe
The award-winning Union League Cafe in New Haven, CT.

An acclaimed French bistro in Connecticut gets a lot of traffic from Yale University, and it uses AccuBar thoroughly to keep track of the traffic.

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