Rob Day, national beverage director of Richard Sandoval Restaurants, monitors El Centro DF and other stores with AccuBar.

"I'm able to uncover plenty of problems..."

Keeping on top of several restaurants with high-volume bars is difficult on a good day. Success depends, among other things, on being willing to manage your inventory diligently, to set and meet pouring cost goals, to double-check discrepancies, and to minimize missing product. In other words, do what the Richard Sandoval restaurants in Washington D.C. are doing.

With four busy restaurants in the region, the group has maintained tight controls on beverage profits with the help of AccuBar. The managers use the system for weekly inventories, ordering and receiving, as well as running Profit Watch reports. “This helps us ensure that we are making the most money from our restaurants,” said National Beverage Director Rob Day. “We can also use Profit Watch reports to help narrow down what products that are either being given away or just walking out the door either by staff or customers.”

The Profit Watch report, which gives detailed data on variances, pouring cost, consumption and other metrics for a given inventory period, is a key tool for managers to meet their performance goals, Day said. “… it is up to each beverage or bar manager to investigate discrepancies.  I leave it up to the store to determine what the variance is that he or she sets in order to investigate the variance, but leave it up to them as long as the pour cost meets the budget that the company sets for them.”

Has the system helped the group discover and minimize losses? “I’m able to uncover plenty of problems when using Profit Watch,” Day said.  “While we have very high volume bars with cases of product consistently moving in and out, we can quickly check each location and match up what we are missing.   From there we can figure out which camera to review when going back to check on bartenders if they’re over-pouring or theft.”

Day added one final shout-out: “The AccuBar service and sales team have been nothing but great.”