Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa is a luxury resort in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.

AccuBar "very efficient" for this top resort

AccuBar customer Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa is an award-winning five-star resort nestled among gardens and olive groves just north of San Diego, Calif. It has been recognized by several travel publications and sources as one of the top luxury resorts in the world.

So the pressure is on F&B Director Justin Wilson and Sommelier Mitch Price to deliver a level of service that justifies the hype. They graciously took the time to talk with us about the role AccuBar plays in the whole picture.

The resort’s five outlets include two restaurants, a banquet operation and room service. They use AccuBar to control their liquor, wine and beer by taking monthly inventories, scanning receiving and transfers, and interfacing with their Micros POS to keep a perpetual inventory. “We want a receiving report, a transfer report and an inventory report for the beverage items at the end of each month,” Justin said. “That gives us our cost of goods sold for beverage.”

“I feel like the beverage cost numbers we get at the end of the month seem to be pretty well in control. We’re hitting the targets we’re looking to hit, which is pretty key,” Mitch said.

They also use AccuBar to track china, glassware, silver, equipment and linens. They inventory those goods quarterly.

Inventory at his last employer “… took many days with many people working on it,” Mitch said. AccuBar is “… very efficient, compared with my experience at the other property.”

AccuBar was brought in to Rancho Valencia during a renovation, so they couldn’t compare how inventory was done before. But Mitch was eager to compare his AccuBar experience with how they took inventory at his previous job. “It was much more difficult. We used an Excel spreadsheet, we had to hand-write in all of the counts, and then someone had to do the data entry at the end of it. It took many days with many people working on it,” adding that it was a bigger program. With AccuBar at Rancho Valencia it takes them about 15-18 total labor hours. “It’s very efficient, compared with my experience at the other property.”

Mitch completely reorganized, rebuilt and expanded the wine list when he came aboard. The list now has 700 offerings from a cellar of 7,000 to 8,000 bottles. “AccuBar is really robust, and it was really easy to learn how to use it. I also thought it was a little bit fun” to redo the list with AccuBar, Mitch said. “I geek out on that kind of stuff. Creating new categories was easy, adding new products was easy, along with getting it all organized how I wanted.”

F&B Director Justin Wilson
Sommelier Mitch Price