High-volume group grows with AccuBar

Maybe you’re a single-location restaurant owner, and you’ve got ambitions to open more places. Maybe you’re asking yourself how others are managing sustainable growth and profitability in an industry that is difficult and unforgiving, at best.

Maybe you should listen to Logan Purser.

“We started using AccuBar eight years ago when we had one store,” said Logan, who is director of operations for Phoenix-based Genuine Concepts. “The tools it’s given us when used properly have allowed us sustainable growth with a very close eye on the bottom line. Though we now have a much larger operation, we are in touch with each store’s beverage program at just a click away. AccuBar will always be a necessary expenditure with all of our new store build outs.”

Logan’s operation includes four upscale casual restaurants and six beverage-driven boutique bars, all high-volume. They do weekly, monthly and quarterly inventories, he says, and they also use AccuBar for ordering, receiving, spot checks and inter-store transfers. They also use the system to track retail t-shirts and non-alcohol items.

“I’m often asked how I keep my head straight” with such a thriving, growing group, Logan said. “Here’s the secret. [AccuBar] makes me look like a rock star!”

As far as analysis, they lean pretty hard on AccuBar’s Profit Watch report. “We utilize this tool heavily,” Logan said. “Before weekly orders are placed, Profit Watches are run and analyzed to ensure proper counts and pars.”

I wouldn’t work without this program, its price is justified quickly with the savings we retain in a few months.

AccuBar has also been key in making them more efficient, Logan said. “Labor was cut drastically despite [inventory] being done weekly, because now it was only one person knocking it out in a quarter of the time. Margins were dropped 4-8% in every category, showing us items that were under-priced, not moving, or being over-poured. This process has assisted with our commissary liquor license, allowing us the ability to do large-scale orders for best pricing. We’ve uncovered some theft, over-pouring issues,  and holes in our ordering processes. Our GMs and Bar Managers love the process and it gives them a very good pulse on their beverage and bar operations. I wouldn’t work without this program, its price is justified quickly with the savings we retain in a few months.”Logan also had praise for the support and development teams at AccuBar. “The support folks are very helpful and accommodating,” he said. “Very rarely, we’ve run across some minor bugs or better ways to do something and we’ve had a voice that is heard in the programming process.”

Logan Purser has led Phoenix-based Genuine Concepts from one bar to a group of 10 high-volume stores. He says AccuBar deserves some credit for the growth.