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Amara Cay Resort, in the Florida Keys, has used AccuBar throughout its beverage operation to keep costs in line. F&B Director Jason Bronis, below, has led the effort.

AccuBar's "single best feature?" Read on

After using AccuBar to manage all beverage inventory functions in his boutique Florida hotel, F&B Director Jason Bronis has formed some strong opinions about the system.

“I think Profit Watch is, hands down, the single best feature of AccuBar,” Jason says. “I often speak with my colleagues at sister properties about AccuBar, and when they ask me for tips on how to best use the system, Profit Watch is always the first thing I mention. I’ve even had the opportunity to train others on how to use Profit Watch, and their reactions are similar to mine. Anyone who is using AccuBar and not using Profit Watch is missing out on some tremendous tools for making inventory control easier and more reliable.”

Jason’s operation, Amara Cay Resort in Islamorada, has 110 rooms and two F&B outlets: upscale Oltremare Ristorante, and Sparrows Rum Bar for poolside dining. In addition, he says, “We track banquet consumption with AccuBar. We use AccuBar to maintain our mini-bar stock inventory. We will soon start using AccuBar for paper goods and coffees. This year, I’d like to start tracking food.”

Amara Cay was also one of the first beta testers for the AccuBar smartphone app, and Jason said he is “very excited” about the innovation. “I think that AccuBar works best when it is available and easily used by all floor supervisors. The cost of the Intermec handheld and its complexity made it difficult to place scanners in all locations where we wanted to be able to track items. Not to mention, the ability to deploy teams to count simultaneously in different locations greatly reduces the time it takes to complete inventory.”

We’re excited about growing with AccuBar and very excited that AccuBar is innovating in new ways.

The benefits of using AccuBar, Jason says, are “way too many to list. I would say, again, Profit Watch allows me to quickly identify counting errors in inventory just as soon as the counting is completed, so that corrections can be made or items can be recounted before service begins. We store beverage inventory in a half-dozen different locations, and obviously mistakes happen in counting. Profit Watch also allows me to hold my team accountable on a daily basis for tracking empties and receiving.”

“We’re excited about growing with AccuBar and very excited that AccuBar is innovating in new ways,” he said. “AccuBar is a valuable and trusted partner in our business.”


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