Bar inventory RX

Inventorying bar items is no fun, but with the help of good technology, the process can be simplified. Jaime Correas, F&B cost controller at the Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico, uses an AccuBar handheld bar inventory system for all bar, restaurant, room service, and banquet liquor inventory monitoring.

“The purchase of the AccuBar handheld has been a considerable asset, and it has helped us significantly reduce the costs of beverages,” says Correas.

Along with cost control, the ability to save time played a big role in Correas’ decision to use AccuBar to track inventory. “It has made the month-end closing a much simpler and faster process,” he says. “In fact, the AccuBar system provides us with a beverage cost of all cash bar functions, minutes after the function has ended,” Correas adds.

To operate AccuBar, one simply scans bottles or other items to record and update inventory. This scanned data is turned into a useable report. “The reports can give you very important information in minutes, such as consumption, total inventory count and its variances, profit watch, and much more,” Correas explains.

Monitoring bar beverages with AccuBar can help in many ways. According to Correas, “All inventories are done in a flash, which makes the whole hotel liquor inventory tracking process a simple and quick experience in today’s fast-paced, deadline-oriented environments.” AccuBar’s state-of-the-art liquor tracking technology enables properties to maintain control of their operations by enabling hotel liquor inventory measurement—even banquet liquor consumption tracking—to be done quickly and easily.


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