Award-winning restaurant group chooses AccuBar to manage all properties

CENTENNIAL, Colo.–James Hotel, dubbed “an oasis of cool in the desert” by the LA Times, has chosen AccuBar to control the food and beverage inventory at its Fiamma restaurant in Scottsdale, Ariz.

B.R. Guest Restaurants, owner of James and 13 hot restaurants in New York, Las Vegas, and Arizona, is also putting AccuBar in Vento Trattoria, its latest Manhattan offering. The move continues B.R. Guest’s relationship with AccuBar, which it credits with significant labor and cost savings at all its restaurants.

“AccuBar has drastically reduced our inventory count times and vastly increased our accuracy,” said Greg Harrington, beverage director. “By far it’s our managers’ favorite technology.”

Or, to put it another way, Harrington added: “Before AccuBar, it took us all night Sunday to do inventory. Now we get home in time for the Sopranos!”

Rocky Lucia, the company’s IT director, is also an enthusiastic proponent: “There is time savings on the front and on the back, which translates to a very quick ROI,” he said. “I cannot find one fault in the AccuBar system and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to save time and money.”

B.R. Guest was attracted to AccuBar partly because of the system’s ability to interface to the Eatec back-office system. “The interface allows Eatec customers to enhance their current investment by adding a powerful tool for quickly counting their bars,” said Dean Grimm, AccuBar’s chief technology officer. “The products are totally complimentary, with AccuBar quickly gathering the data and Eatec crunching the numbers.”

AccuBar is an industry leader in providing systems to control food and beverage costs through physical inventory. Using a ruggedized barcode scanner and sophisticated database software, AccuBar streamlines the tedious inventory process and offers timely data on costs, consumption, losses and other important benchmarks.


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