Exciting news for our users

  • September 13, 2016

Greetings, I’m pleased and excited to announce that BirchStreet Systems has acquired AccuBar. This acquisition unites the industry’s best-in-class technologies, people and expertise in the hospitality sector. Our AccuBar leadership will join forces with BirchStreet CEO Sushil Garg and his…

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Two new interfaces: Breadcrumb and ClubSoft

AccuBar has now added two popular POS systems to our lengthy list of interfaces: Breadcrumb and ClubSoft. The interface pulls sales reports from the POS into AccuBar's software to update the Perpetual Inventory; calculate Pouring Costs, consumption and variances; and…

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AccuBar app released for iPhone and iPad

  • January 25, 2016

AccuBar has released its app for iPhone/iPad, so you now have even greater flexibility in how you can use our bar management program. The app, which follows the release of the Android app in November, enables users to scan inventory…

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AccuBar releases app for Android devices

  • November 13, 2015

Big news today: AccuBar has released an app for Android that will enable users to scan inventory items using their phones or tablets. The app uses the Android device's camera to scan an item's barcode to take inventory, receive product,…

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AccuBar releases interface to Revention

We have another update to our list of interfaces: Revention POS. The interface performs like our other POS interfaces, pulling the sales mix data from the POS into our system to update the perpetual inventory and deliver metrics such as…

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Yes, AccuBar has inventory templates

  • September 30, 2015

There is a recent trend in bar inventory toward systems that use templates to take your inventory. The thinking is, if the items in your back bar, or storeroom, or wine area are always in the same order, you can…

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Thanks for the testimonial!

  • September 25, 2015

When Lindsey Shaw, beverage manager at Cap City Fine Diner and Bar in Gahanna, Ohio, offered to do a video testimonial for us, we were of course very grateful. When we saw what she and a friend put together, however, we…

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An AccuBar numbers game

AccuBar debuted in 2001, and has done a lot of inventory work in its 14 years. How much? We wondered that too. So we counted. We were honestly a bit shocked by the numbers. As you can see in the…

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Barcodes are here for a reason

Since debuting at a Kroger grocery store in 1967, barcodes have become pervasive. With few exceptions, they are found on the products that are consumed by the economies of all industrial nations of the world. They simplify purchasing, selling, and…

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