An AccuBar numbers game

AccuBar debuted in 2001, and has done a lot of inventory work in its 14 years. How much? We wondered thaAB scanst too. So we counted.

We were honestly a bit shocked by the numbers. As you can see in the table at right, AccuBar users have used the system to count $1.3 trillion worth of inventories in the last 14 years. They have scanned 92 billion items during more than 685,000 inventories. (Just the thought of doing that many inventories sent chills down our spines.)

Looking at just last month, you can see how heavily AccuBar is being used these days. That brings us to a few conclusions:

  • Operators are putting a huge amount of trust in AccuBar. They entrusted $40 billion worth of inventory to our system just last month. That is a big vote of confidence, and we’re very thankful for it.
  • They are using all of AccuBar. They did 95,000 receiving inventories, 41,000 empties inventories and 142,000 transfers. That’s a ton of stock moving in and out, all tracked with our system. Few competing systems even offer these key steps.
  • POS interfaces are really popular. Our various interfaces (we offer 29 and counting) uploaded 34,000 sales mix files to our customers’ accounts last month. And those played right into the 58,000 orders they placed.

Again, thanks to those users who have embraced our approach to beverage management over the years. And a special thanks to those who have taken the time to write something for our testimonial page.

Amazingly, there is one system that eclipses our numbers: Pencil and paper. If you would like to transition from that to proven beverage management technology that is trusted and used by a LOT of people, reach out to us and we’ll see how we can help. Here’s our contact page.