AccuBar releases interfaces to Aldelo, Restaurant Manager

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – AccuBar beverage management systems released new interfaces to Aldelo and Restaurant Manager POS systems, bringing a new level of bar management capability to users of the systems.

AccuBar offers PDA-based barcode-scanning systems for tracking inventory of liquor, wine, beer and other items. The web-based system is designed to streamline the entire bar management process, including receiving, inventory counting, ordering, financial reporting, etc.

The interface will allow users to compare sales of items and categories recorded in the POS with consumption of those items during a time period of the operator’s choosing. Sales of some of those items will also automatically be depleted from the perpetual inventory that AccuBar maintains for the user. The interface can greatly simplify tracking of a large wine list, or a large beer operation, for instance.

“By interfacing with Restaurant Manager and Aldelo, AccuBar provides a more comprehensive picture of your beverage operation than would otherwise be possible,” said Dean Grimm, AccuBar’s lead designer and the company’s chief technology officer.

“AccuBar’s interfacing capability was designed to accommodate any third-party back-office or front-office system,” Grimm said. “Today’s operator demands open systems, and AccuBar strives to meet that challenge head on.”