AccuBar releases interface to Aspect back-office system

CENTENNIAL, Colo.–AccuBar announced the release of an interface that will enable users of the Aspect back office suite to greatly streamline their inventory control.

The interface, a cooperative venture between the developers of the two products, allows Aspect users to take advantage of AccuBar’s painless approach to food and beverage inventory. After using AccuBar to quickly count inventory, receiving and other parts of the process, Aspect users can then import the inventory counts from AccuBar to take advantage of Aspect’s full suite of reporting functions.

“Our client base drives the development and evolution of our back office solution, and we have seen an increase in requests pertaining to a seamless integration with handheld solutions for inventory purposes,” said Phil Crawford, a co-owner of Aspect. “Although we have always had generic exports for handheld applications for some time, we have lacked a true turnkey solution. When we were introduced to AccuBar, we found a leading edge provider of handheld inventory technology that fit nicely into our back office solution … thus creating a seamless solution.”

“The solution enables Aspect and AccuBar to create a true win-win scenario for our clients,” Crawford said. “The ability to do inventory on a PDA device, sync the data, and get real-time data reports via Aspect will enable our clients to reduce time during inventory periods and control costs more accurately.”

Aspect users will also be able to export item lists to AccuBar.

“AccuBar lets users take their inventory counts with unparalleled speed and simplicity,” said Dean Grimm, AccuBar’s chief technology officer. “In conjunction with other back office systems such as Aspect, we eliminate the tedious paper process of counting and entering those counts. The result is fast, reliable information, with a minimum of effort, that can help F&B operators run their businesses efficiently and profitably.”

AccuBar has written similar interfaces to many POS and back office systems, as the industry increasingly recognizes the benefits of food and beverage control through a thorough physical inventory system. AccuBar’s patented combination of Palm-based handhelds and barcode scanners results in drastic labor reductions throughout the inventory process, which is an attractive proposition that often can’t be matched by other systems’ proprietary solutions.

AccuBar is an industry leader in providing systems to control F&B costs through physical inventory. Using a Palm Pilot with a barcode scanner and sophisticated database software, AccuBar streamlines the tedious inventory process and offers timely data on costs, consumption, losses and other important benchmarks.

AccuBar gives its users the ability to quickly understand their food and liquor costs and keep them under control. By deterring theft, reducing waste and increasing efficiency, AccuBar helps any food and beverage operation realize a significant reduction in costs.

Aspect is a ‘back-office’ software package that offers managers and owners the tools needed to operate and manage a restaurant business more effectively.Aspect acts as an enhancement to the point-of-sale system by giving managers and owners greater flexibility in managing sales, labor, and inventory information.

Aspect helps you manage your sales by taking the raw point-of-sale data and allowing you to create customized reports to produce just the information you need. If you already have reports that you are accustomed to, perhaps in a spreadsheet, chances are that you can create those reports in Aspect.

Aspect helps you manage your labor cost by calculating the cost of schedules you enter and by comparing actual labor against scheduled labor each day. You can export schedules from Aspect to some point-of-sale systems to ensure that employees clock in/out within specified grace periods.

Aspect helps you manage your inventory cost by calculating your actual inventory usage/cost and comparing it to the calculated legitimate usage/cost. It tells you when your cost is above the ideal and which items are causing the problem.