AccuBar now interfaces to Jonas

Good news on the interface front today: AccuBar now interfaces to Jonas, a POS system that is prevalent in the country club industry. Our clients in the industry have been asking us for this interface for years, and with their help we nagged Jonas’ development team until they finally gave in. (A big thanks to the Union League of Philadelphia for pushing the hardest.)

The interface will allow Jonas users to set up the system to export their sales data into AccuBar automatically. There are several good reasons to do this:

  • For non-recipe items like bottles of beer, draft beer, wines, high-end liquors etc., AccuBar’s perpetual inventory will be updated daily to subtract items that are rung up in Jonas. If the client has our recipe module, all items will be adjusted based on Jonas sales figures.
  • Our reports will automatically calculate Pouring Cost percentages for every item in your inventory, so you can keep an eye on items that are being overpoured or lost in some other way.
  • Reports will also show variances between what is rung up in Jonas and what is actually consumed, and will red flag any significant variances for you to investigate.

One note: Those interested in interfacing to AccuBar will need to be on the latest version of the Jonas software, so contact your Jonas rep if you need to upgrade. And be aware that reps may not have learned about this new interface yet, so don’t take no for an answer.

Jonas is the latest addition to our long list of interfaces, which you can find here. We have designed AccuBar so other systems can interface to it easily, because it’s important for your major management systems to work together. If you would like for us to interface with a system that isn’t on the list, give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do. We have other interfaces in the works and will post here when they are released.

We expect more interface news soon, so check back for more.