AccuBar now interfaces to 2Touch, Trivec POS systems

AccuBar’s hot streak on new interfaces continues with the announcement that we can now connect to the 2Touch and Trivec POS systems.

Our interface to 2Touch has been in development since we worked with their team on several episodes of the Bar Rescue TV show. We immediately got along and realized that we share the goal of providing strong bar controls that offer a great ROI.

Trivec is a POS system based in Sweden; this interface was requested by a client we have in that country.

With either system, users will be able to automatically export their sales data into AccuBar . There are several good reasons to do this:

  • For non-recipe items like bottles of beer, draft beer, wines, high-end liquors etc., AccuBar’s perpetual inventory will be updated daily to subtract items that are rung up in Jonas. If the client has our recipe module, all items will be adjusted based on POS sales figures.
  • Our reports will automatically calculate Pouring Cost percentages for every item in your inventory, so you can keep an eye on items that are being overpoured or lost in some other way.
  • Reports will also show variances between what is rung up in Jonas and what is actually consumed, and will red flag any significant variances for you to investigate.

The release of these and other recent interfaces demonstrates AccuBar’s strong commitment and ability to interface with major systems to increase usability and return for hospitality operators. We think the ability and willingness to consistently write functional interfaces to POS and back-office systems clearly sets us apart from other systems in the industry.

For a full list of the interfaces we offer, click here.