AccuBar firsthand – Ocean Prime

After spending some time with Stephen Cook, the General Manager at Ocean Prime in downtown Denver, we were pleasantly surprised with the results he and his team have seen using the AccuBar beverage management system. He shared some information with us that really stood out.

The first mentionable piece is the reduction of time it takes them to do inventory. They went from eight hours of inventory with two people, down to just four hours with one person. At a quarter of the amount of time it took before, Stephen now has much more time to run the restaurant and spend time with his customers.

Going back and taking a peak at the liquor stock room at Ocean Prime was a manager’s dream: every row perfectly organized by type of alcohol, and on the shelf at the front of each row, a label with a barcode for each type and size of alcohol bottle. It takes them six minutes to scan the room of 400 bottles, Stephen said. We were impressed, and very satisfied with their results, so we asked Stephen what his advice would be to someone new to the AccuBar system. He encourages clients “not to be afraid of the technology, it’s very easy to figure out, but use the system as it is designed to be used.”