AccuBar enhances POS interface capabilities

CENTENNIAL, CO — AccuBar has simplified tracking of beer, wine and other items by developing new capabilities for its standard POS interfaces.

The new module, called Virtual Consumption, automatically imports sales figures for non-recipe items such as beer and wine and deducts those sales from your perpetual inventory in AccuBar. The result is easier and more accurate pouring cost, variances, reordering, requisitions and more.

Virtual Consumption is designed to illuminate several problem areas for the average bar, restaurant, hotel or other hospitality business. Many struggle, for instance, to keep an accurate perpetual inventory if they sell a significant number of beer or wine items. With this module, AccuBar produces an accurate perpetual without having to track empties of beer and wine bottles.

That perpetual inventory, in turn, will simplify reordering by allowing the user to set par levels and assign suppliers to each item. With a large liquor inventory or wine cellar, for instance, this can transform a tedious process into something accomplished with a couple of clicks.

The same interface also gives AccuBar users the ability to increase staff accountability and to pinpoint losses. On-demand reporting will automatically pull in the necessary interface data to provide variances and pouring cost for each item tracked by the interface.